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Hostway −UK− Domain Name Registration, Shared Web Hosting, Ecommerce hosting, Dedicated Servers
Hostway offers a wide range of webhosting solutions Coldfusion, Windows 2003 and Linux web hosting solutions from - No Setup fee and 24/7 support.

LinkShare is an e-commerce business solution for over 3.5 million online relationships
Become an affiliate of the LinkShare Network for FREE and earn revenue by linking to over 500 premier online merchants.

TradeDoubler −UK− Performance based digital marketing
TradeDoubler is a performance-based digital marketing company offering a range of products and services to optimise your online advertising return on investment.

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You can add a full company profile to your website listing already in our directory. The profile can be as detail as you like, incorporating all aspect of your business. Including detail on what your business about, what product or services you offer and why your services or product is a better choice than a competitor.

We also provide a tool for you to add up-to ten products or services to an existing listing. You can also add product information in the form of text and images accompanying the text.

You will also able the change the profile, product and services information once every four to twelve weeks using the same tool. The text heading will need to be wrapped in a HTML heading H4 tag (see below), also all paragraph must be wrapped in a HTML paragraph tag (see below).


Please wrap all heading title in a HTML H4 tag:
<h4>Heading Text Here</h4></p>

Please wrap all paragraphs in a HTML paragraph tag:
<p>Paragraph text here</p>

The image must have a name and the full URL path where that image is located on your web site. The image will be served from your web site only (ask your webmaster for help if need be). The image size must be no more than 200 pixel wide and 250 pixel high.


Image Name: Balloon
Image URL:

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